No More Glasses?!?

No Eyeglasses

We are heading towards an era of no more eyeglasses.  A new do-it-yourself procedure is being developed that allows you to test your eyes with a phone app, etch little grooves in the cornea with a laser (it only takes a second), and use eyedrops to correct your vision – all at home.

The treatment currently works on pigs’ eyes and will be tested on humans later this year.

It has some minor drawbacks. It only lasts a few months until you have to do it again. It involves putting nano-drops in your eyes. And you are shooting laser beams into your own eyes at home.  What could possibly go wrong?

The lasers are nothing like traditional laser eye surgery.  Instead, they etch a very shallow pattern on your eyes that will completely disappear in a few months if you chose not to redo it – so no permanent alteration of the corneal surface. The nanodrops fill in the grooves of the pattern and change the refraction of your eyes. Voila! Perfect vision.  It works to correct both nearsightedness and farsightedness.

People are excited because the new treatment is easy, you can do it at home without a doctor, and you won’t have to wear glasses ever again.

Wow! Let’s hope it works on people as well as pigs.

h/t Digital Trends